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W e k n o w w h o t h e y b e l o n g t o..

.. we just won't admit it.

C l a i m - a - B i s h o u n e n
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Welcome to Bishounen's Live--a Unique Twist on your Typical Bishounen Claiming Community!

This a community dedicated to all those live [real life] bishounens out there who deserve a little more recognition--celebrity, or just your Average Joe.

And for those of you who don't know:

n.; Japanese

1) roughly translated as "pretty boy"

The inspiration behind this community came from no one else but longlivethecow herself. Her community, bish_names, was a community exclusively for claiming anime bishounens, but no real-life people. Thus, "bishounens_live" was born.

The rules are very easy to follow, and are very similar to your typical claiming community.

(1) Only one claim per person, unless you do something helpful for the community [making a banner, icon, etc.]

(2) Please, no animated bishounens. Go to bish_names for that kind of claim.

(3) Your claim must be an actual bishounen. An example of a bishounen would be Matt Damon. An example of a non-bishounen would be someone like Robin Williams or Donn King or someone like that.

(4) If you are you are claiming someone else that isn't a celebrity, I ask [it's optional, but reccomended] that you add a serious picture [No nose-picking, drunk make-overs, or porn, please. ;p] along with your claim, behind an lj-cut ['<*lj-cut (remove the '*')].

(5) If someone has a claim you want, start a flame war. Yeah, you heard me. Fight for your love ;o! Whoever I think is the coolest will get that claim. Twisted, I know, but hey--I'm bored.

(6) And, of course, if you're more nonconfortational, just check the claims lists, and if the stud of your dreams is taken.. then too bad. :\

Sibling Communities include..

bish_names owned by longlivethecow.
wedding_cake owned by memoria and longlivethecow.
claim_ljuser owned by longlivethecow and memoria.

If you want your claiming community listed as a sibling community, contact memoria.

p.s. .. memoria is unclaimable.